TrueTrac vs Other Track Saws

The single biggest difference between the TrueTrac system and other track saws is the design of the track itself.


Since we're not worried about selling you another saw you probably don't really need, our efforts went into designing a track that was modular, easy to use, and accurate.

The detailed highlights about our track saw system are:

  • You get to pick the saw!
    • Left handed, right handed, battery powered, worm drive, or specialty saws - Virtually any saw from 6.25 inch blade diameter up to 8.25 inch diameter fits on our standard adapter plate, with a specialty plate available for 10.25 inch saws.
    • What does that mean? No specialty metric blades, no tinkering with the plunge mechanisms on off-brand saws, just simple freedom to choose the brand and model that you prefer (or that you already have!).
  • Robust track design
    • Almost twice the weight per foot of the Makita/DeWalt/Festool tracks.
    • Heavier wall thicknesses were required for the dovetail connectors to work correctly and came with the added benefit of making a truly solid track that you can rely on.
    • When you pick up the track, it actually feels like something that's going to last.
  • Easy, Self-Aligning modular connections allow expansion
    • Reliable self-alignment is made possible by using 6" long dovetail gibs for connectors.
    • Dovetails ensure alignment in both the horizontal and vertical planes simultaneously allowing for precise joining every time.
    • We've got a variety of companies and individuals that have 20+ feet of track they string together -- Anything from saw mills trimming rough sawn lumber to cabinetry or counter top companies doing solid top counters!
  • Opposing bevels remove all side-to-side play
    • The plate is designed to only ride on those beveled edges, removing the need for a built-in camlock system in the saw base found on other systems.
    • Alignment and control of the saw and plate are automatic upon placement on the track.
    • The saw plate is HDPE, similar to composite decking material, and has excellent wear characteristics - As an added bonus because of the geometry, if the plate wears under extreme use it will actually wear to a tighter fit rather than a looser one.
  • Center keyway keeps the plate and saw from drifting off the beveled edges
    • Literally the reasoning behind adding the center groove boils down to this:
      • "It's easy to fall off of a hill, but it's pretty hard to fall out of a ditch" - Richard Rhodes (Sorry Dad, had to put this in here just for a chuckle <J>)
    • Anti-Chip Strips are easily replaceable and provide a line-of-cut indicator
      • The "T" shaped slots on either side of the track allow the anti-chip strips to be easily swapped out if they become damaged or excessively worn over time (generally last ~2 years)
      • The first time you use the system, you will trim the anti-chip strip to your particular saw and blade combination - After that, unless you change saws or blade types, you'll know exactly where your line of cut will be.
      • Anti-Slip properties are incorporated directly into the anti-chip strips
        • Working with a dual durometer extrusion process, our anti-slip material is bonded permanently to the bottom of the anti-chip strips, uniformly along the entire length.
        • This design removes the need for double-sided tape, or for other adhesive strips that could mar work surfaces or easily come disengaged at higher or lower temperatures found on external job sites.

      • You're dealing with a family owned and operated business based out of southern Ohio.
        • Everything we sell, barring the toggle clamps (hard to find those reasonably stateside) is made in the U.S. - Even the main track shipping boxes that we have custom made in Dayton, OH
        • At TrueTrac Saw, we stand behind our tools, so if you ever have a question, problem, or if something breaks due to a manufacturing defect (if you run over your track with a truck, that doesn't count...) we'll take care of you without any issues. Just let us know and we'll do what we can!

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