TrueTrac Expandable Track Table Kit
TrueTrac Expandable Track Table Kit

TrueTrac Expandable Track Table Kit

The perfect companion for small shops or workspaces, the TrueTrac Saw Expandable Track Table can expand from 2ft x 4ft to 4ft x 8ft to provide support for sheet goods.
Simply mount the extrusions to a 2ft x 4ft x 3/4in piece of plywood, and you now have a go-anywhere multi-purpose expandable work table useful for cutting, sanding, staining, or any other household task.
Multi-purpose table kit includes hardware and extrusions to create a 4’ x 2’ table that can extend to hold a 4’ x 8’ sheet of plywood.
Regular price $167.00 Sale price$140.00 CAD Save $27.00
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TrueTrac Expandable Track Table Kit
TrueTrac Expandable Track Table Kit

TrueTrac Expandable Track Table Kit

Regular price $167.00 Sale price$140.00 Save $27.00
Regular price $167.00 Sale price$140.00 CAD Save $27.00

Multi-purpose table kit includes hardware and extrusions to create a 4’ x 2’ table that can extend to hold a 4’ x 8’ sheet of plywood.

This kit features 28 linear feet of matched aluminum extrusions, allowing you to create an expanding work surface that can range from 2 feet wide by 4 feet long up to 4 feet wide by 8 feet long.

This kit includes:

  • Eight (8) 24-inch long male extrusions, which a standard 1x4 piece of lumber can be inserted into
  • Four (4) 24-inch long female extrusions, for mounting down to the center portion of the table
  • Four (4) 12-inch long female extrusions, for creating the four corner pivoting positions of the table
  • Forty (40) #8 - 15 K-Lathe style piercing point screws for assembly

This product will work with virtually any cutting system, it simply supports your material during cutting.

This item ships within 1-2 business days or faster.

If ordered with a track saw kit it will be packaged along with the track saw kit and shipped together.

Handle Full Sized Sheets Solo!

The TrueTrac Expandable Table Kit easily expands to hold entire sheets of 4ft x 8ft plywood or other materials, while maintaining a small shop footprint.


"A good, portable solution I have used almost daily." - Robert B.

Easily Stores Flat When Not In Use

Once you're done using the table kit it can be stored flat behind a shelf or hung directly on the wall!

The sliding supports can be fully removed, nested together, and wrapped with a bungee cord or similar tie wrap and stored on a shelf or in the drawer of a tool box.


"The second time I used it I went from storage to first cut in about 4 mins. Not bad." - Roy

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Customer Reviews

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Jim Smith

I’ve assembled everything, but haven’t had time to actually use it yet. What a great idea in its design. I can’t wait!!!

Joe Adamkiewicz
Expandable Table Kit is a Very Useful Tool!

Got the TrueTrac Expandable Table and was surprised how useful it is. It makes working with large plywood pieces so much easier. On this project I used it with the True Trac tracksaw, a jig saw, and also a router. Although its portable and easy to store and set-up, I'll probably leave it up since its so handy. Really glad I got it.

Michael Tracy
TrueTrac Expandable Track Table Kit works like a charm

The table works as expected. After going down and grabbing some fir wood planks for the vertical pieces, it went together fairly easily. My only complaint is that the screw holes come pre-drilled in the aluminum parts. Not a big deal to drill them myself, but it does require a bit more effort to put it together. Cutting on the table works pretty well for sheet goods and planks. Unsurprisingly, the table does not support smaller pieces of wood. So, I still have to resort to my old methods when cutting smaller stuff, but that's not really what the table is meant for and is not a big deal.

Brad G.
It is fine. But!

I bought the TrueTrac Expandable Track Table Kit because I have been using two B&D workmate 225 for years and typically use a hollow core door to span the 2 workmates. I had a piece of 3/4 plywood 2x4 and said "Hey why not try this. I got the TrueTrac Expandable Track Table Kit mounted it and then put a couple of 2x4's on the back of the plywood so I could clamp everything in one of the workmates. Everything works great and as advertised.

But I think the tracks are to loose. I feel they need to be a little more snug fit. Why? If I have a sheet of something on the setup and move it everything slides a bit making me readjust the slides. Could I solve this sure I guess I could put dimples in the slides to tighten things up a bit.

But this is the reason I give them a 4 and not a 5. Although many may like how loose the tracks are. IDK.

Thanks Brad

Robert Barnes
An answer to my need to work on site.

Received my order promptly. A good, portable solution I have used almost daily. In shop and on site, it provides the versatility I was looking for. Their service is outstanding.

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