We have a variety of track saw demonstration videos available for you and have attempted to organize them in an easy-to-follow manner. Some of them we do in-house, a sparkling of them are professionally done, and we have a growing number of third party videos revolving around track saw projects and usability reviews!

Basic Demonstration Video

Dick Rhodes giving an overview of the TrueTrac System!

TrueTrac Introduction Video

A shorter 'highlights reel' professionally voiced over - The first video we ever had made for our track system!

Straight Edge Comparison

One of the most asked questions is how a track saw differs from a straight edge guide - Here's our take on the answer.

Universal Router Dado Jig

A new addition to the product line, our Dado Jig allows for easy custom sized dado grooves!

TrueTrac Toggle Clamps

Great for added security when working with expensive woods or other materials.

Contractor Table Kit

If you're looking for a small-space friendly work bench designed for large sheets of plywood, this is your best friend! Use 1x4 lumber for a sacrificial surface.

Mounting the Saw Adapter Plate

Jacob Rhodes showing the steps to mount your saw to the TrueTrac Adapter Plate

Trimming The ZCB and Anti-Chip Strips

Jacob Rhodes walking you through how to properly trim the ZCB and Anti-Chip Strips after mounting your saw.

Mounting your router to the Router Adapter Plate

Video instructions for mounting the Router Adapter Plate to your router! This is for the original Router Plate, not the Dado Jig.

Using the TrueTrac Dado Jig

Jacob Rhodes showing the steps to mount your router to the TrueTrac Dado Jig and how the jig functions.

Anti-Chip FAQ

Short video covering some of the frequently asked questions about the anti-chip strips and a few other items.

TrueTrac Simple Square Demonstration

Jacob Rhodes walks you through what comes with the kit, how to install, and how to use the Simple Square.

TrueTrac Dust Collection Demonstration

Jacob Rhodes showing the Dust Collection Nozzle in action.

Installing & Trimming The Dust Collection Nozzle

Steps to install and trim both the DCN and the Anti-Chip strips on your track.

Retrofitting A Saw Adapter Plate for Dust Collection

Jacob Rhodes showing the steps required to modify your existing Saw Adapter Plate for the new Dust Collection Nozzle.

George Vondriska / Woodworkers Guild of America:

Billy McCord / Recycled Creations:

Billy produces some great content on his YouTube Channel"Recycled Creations"and does a pretty wide variety of projects as well!

Billy McCord: Reclaimed Wood Farmhouse Table

Billy McCord starts his Trestle Table project, which is a three part series!

Billy McCord: Reclaimed Wood Farmhouse Table

Part two of the Trestle Table, showcasing the breadboard ends.

Billy McCord: Reclaimed Wood Farmhouse Table

Final part of the Trestle Table series showing the trestle leg construction.

Phil Pinsky Productions

Phil Pinsky creates a Drill Charging Station - An easy way to organize your shop!

Rick @ Wood.Work.Life

Rick LaFaver turns old gymnasium bench seats into a modern dining table!