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Nice machine

At first I was skeptical that I would be happy with my purchase, we had a couple of issues but I worked through them with Jacob and figured out that they were shipping related and we were able to get them worked out and I am happy with the gantry system
Dale cox

Core to my Shop Operations

Bought my first TrueTrac I'm guessing 10 years ago, after seeing Richard demo it at a show. Quality, capable, productive system, on par with much more expensive systems. I use it constantly, easier and quicker to precisely dimension sheet goods with my TrueTrac than the tablesaw, and it's also great at trimming edges on cutting boards, tabletops, etc.. It's made my work faster and easier, but more importantly more precise with cleaner cuts. I've since expanded my system with more tracks, dust collection, and router attachment. Used a quality older Porter Cable circular saw ($75 on eBay), I invested an hour to drill and tap the saw base to bolt the TrueTrac baseplate on, for a clean, solid attachment.

TrueTrac Toggle Clamps
Walker Gotchy
Rock solid

Solid, adjustable, adaptable, with an ease of use and peace of mind everytime. Simply replacing the provided bolts with longer ones and I’ve been able to maintain a solid connection while ripping 3.5” thick live oak. Great product.
Vitae Customs

TrueTrac Pro-Series 12ft Kit
Charlene Chinworth
Excellent Track Saw Kit

Purchased the 12' kit to cut long lengths of mahogany for a dinning room table. Attached the device to a 7-1/2" corded Milwaukee brand cut-off saw. Instructions were reasonably easy to understand. However, be aware that without a bit of pre-fitting, one is likely to drill the holes for the plate attachment in a place that will end up underneath the Zero Clearance Block. Nevertheless, the system worked exceptionally well.

GAME CHANGER!!!!! Straight square cuts with no snipe.

Enormous time saver. I’ve used a number of track and plunge saws through the years. This track is by far the best, full stop. I purchased the 8’ kit with the tool free clamps and a simple square to use in tandem with my milwakee 10.25” saw to save time with a 2.5” thick oak live edge stair landing and treads I was building for a client. This saved me so many hours on that job, it has become a central tool in my shop. I previously purchased the Router Gantry system from these guys a lil over a year ago and couldn’t be happier. Tim and Jacob manufacture superior products aimed at saving time and money, and all the while provide the best customer service I’ve experienced to date. Can’t recommend enough.
~Vitae Customs LLC~

Very pleased with my slab mill. Works great. I ordered a 48 x 96. One of the rails on one side had an imperfection causing it to bump when it crossed the joint. Two new rails were sent to me immediately solving the problem. All my questions were answered when I ordered and they gave me a lot of good advice on how to operate my slab mill. These guys know their slab mills.


I have several of your guide plates. one on each of a 7 1/4" circular saw and one on a 10" circular saw. I recently added one that I attached to a router base so I could route some long grooves for an inlay. That guide plate ended up with a bow / curve in it that made the router not sit true vertical. I ended up attaching an additional spacer to the router plate to help keep it true vertical, otherwise the bottom of my inlay groove would not be level with the top of the original piece.

8' protrac and cantilever clamps

Does everything expected with no problems. High quality stuff. Thank you.


Was having a problem with my router table
After speaking with Jacob he recommended we put a new router base on.
Shipping was super fast
Went from .18 to .03 with a new base.
Thanks Jacob for the super service.


Little bit of work on assembly and install a complete vacuum piping for it but well worth it. Had done a piece without and did a similar piece with it and was practically nothing to sweep up. Definitely worth it.


Have only used it on some smaller projects so far and very pleased. Assembly is simple. Took more time to build the table for it. Little pricey but it’s well designed and don’t really feel a need to use a drill on shaft feed.


I’ve assembled everything, but haven’t had time to actually use it yet. What a great idea in its design. I can’t wait!!!

saw guide

I have a pretty well equipped shop but I have used the saw guidecut to cut pieces to heavy or aukward to lift or place on the table saw or radial arm saw

TrueTrac Pro-Series 12ft Kit

I work with mostly reclaimed lumber, which is seldom straight. This trac system is the perfect tool for getting my lumber straight and ready for assembly. I highly recommend this product!

Straight and True

Used the 12' track to cut my slab for my new kitchen island. Perfect!

Awesome for even large slabs!

My most recent project included 3ea. 10 quarter 10' x 17" black walnut slabs. We chose the TrueTrac system because my jointer and planer couldn't handle the length and width of the boards. The slab mill was an excellent alternative. The mill along with the Milwaukee 5625-20 did a great job. Once we got everything shimmed properly the mill and router did and excellent job. The Amana RC-2263 router bit performed flawlessly.

Joe's TrueTrac Slab Mill

One of the best decisions I ever made, was to purchase the TrueTrac and dust attachment. Very beneficial in taking your woodworking skills to the next level. Very satisfied with the quality and pricing. worth every penny. Jacob and his team were very easy to work with and instructions were very easy to follow. The only suggestion I would make, is for them to provide a single blank router plate with 3 holes, one in center and two outers to hold the plate when drilling to mount a router that doesn't meet their predrilled plates. Would definitely recommend this product to others.

Joe Peduzzi Camp Hill Pa..

Well Made Clamps

I use the true trac to cut decking on composite decks for my picture frame. These clamp bolts just fit down between the boards allowing me to clamp the track down to the deck.

Excellent Storage back

I love this bag, it keeps all of the true trac parts together. The only down side is that this bag does not fit the circular saw base plate into the storage bag complete. It will not zip up with the plate in the storage bag. Really wish it fit in. The bag is very well made and looks like it will last well.

Hi Andrew!

The storage case wasn't designed to hold the track sections -and- the adapter plate, as the adapter plate that goes onto the circular saw is really meant to be left on the saw once it's been adapted. Removing and reinstalling the base plate is not recommended as when reinstalled it's very easy to introduce variations. Doing so usually leads to your line of cut changing versus the first time you use the system and trim the anti-chip strips.

Thank you!

Have not had a chance to use it but will reply when I do

I should've gotten this years ago

I had some questions on getting the adapter onto my baseplate on a Friday evening, and Jacob responded almost immediately. I was shocked and didn't think I'd hear anything until Monday afternoon. The dedication to customers is unreal.

As for the track kit, I should've gotten one years ago. Cuts are much faster, easier, and more accurate. I work out of my garage, and this is way better than hauling out a table saw and struggling with sheet goods. I absolutely recommend it.

The clamps are OK for occasional use. But I manufacture custom plywood and with daily use the brass insert in the plastic handle straps. I should have bought the toggle clamps to begin with.

All good

TrueTrac Pro-Series 4' Starter Kit