Router Gantry System

The easiest way to flatten large slabs


With your new Router Gantry System, you can reliably replace the functions of a traditional planer, jointer, and router table with a single tool, especially for large projects.

Setup or dismantling takes around 15 minutes total. The support table can be made in sections for easier storage, built against a wall and stored like a Murphy-style bed, or even lifted upwards to the ceiling when not in use via cables and a winch.


“Easy to assemble and I was very impressed with the quality of the machining."
Daimen B.

Plane highly figured wood with complete confidence and minimal tear out!
With the Threaded Cross-Feed option, easily cut with the grain rather than crossgrain
We built a router sled - not a row boat

With the industry unique Threaded Cross-Feed upgrade you can pin your router down to a threaded rod that runs inside one of the bridge rails that create the width of the unit.

This allows you to accurately and repeatably control the width of your pass and make your cuts parallel to the grain of the lumber.

Have a gnarly piece with crazy grain patterns or a cookie? Consistent step-overs on each pass virtually eliminates tear out


“You Get What You Pay For - Excellent quality materials and construction. Heavy and solid and it’s clearly designed to last a lifetime or more.”

R. Irizarry


Designed to be able to handle large area planing operations, the TrueTrac Router Gantry System allows you to take your 2-1/2 to 3-1/2 HP router with a 1 to 2 inch planing or spoilboard bit and easily flatten large projects for a much lower cost than stationary tools.


“I have used the mill for a 36x62 inch oak table top with great results.”
H. Colfer

TrueTrac's RGS makes flattening large slabs easier and more accurate than ever before.

The gantry system is not just a poor mans large planer of sorts. It can do things a planer cannot. I can rout in cross dovetails in the backs of slabs to stabilize them and cut flutes in columns for example. Flatten the top, flip the slab, flatten the bottom, rout in cross dovetails and install them while the slab is still clamped. I can cut dovetails right across voids and even flatten and join two slabs together dead on true.

I can also flatten very uneven stock how I want it to be cut not how it goes through the rollers. Take this off here and that off there to better line up the grain or other aspects.
Better and more adaptable than diy plywood setups.

Kurt Mickelwait - March 6, 2022

More projects, Less Sanding

The Router Gantry System makes it simple to batch process smaller projects too, not just single large ones.

With the precision and accuracy of the entire assembly, the RGS will drastically reduce your finish sanding by up to 80% too.


“...ready to conquer the 5ft wide 12+ft long slab we are going ro throw at it. Small/hometown build and all made in the USA... I will recommend to anyone that lays eyes on this rig!"

Bret Laitila (Arbor Custom Kilns) - Sept 10, 2022


OMG; The Gantry System is a must have... I honestly wish i knew about the TrueTrac Gantry System years ago. I absolutely love it, and now use it a couple times a week. I'm not a person to leave reviews, but in this case i felt i needed too. The true Trac threaded gantry system is a must have, It saves me hours of time on every piece..... Thank you, and most sincere."

Glenn P. - April 21, 2022

90 Day Returns

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Our precision made tools, kits and systems are designed to give you Clean Consistent Cuts every time whether you're ripping plywood sheets or flattening rough cut lumber slabs. If they ever let you down because of an equipment failure on our part, just let us know and we'll bend over backwards to make things right.


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